Three Churches Circular Walk

Length: 8.1Km (5 miles)

Total Ascent: 107m

Time: 13/4 Hrs

Flore Church

walk 5 map

NB: The underlying map is OpenStreetMap contributors and is used under their Terms.

Waypoint 1.
The walk starts at St Michael’s Church Stowe. Careful parking is possible on the road close to the church.
You will see a footpath sign just by a small wooden gate that to the left of the lych gate. Once you are on the footpath, take a look up at the church tower – you will be able to see two Saxon stones on the south and north corners of the tower towards the bottom. They are believed to be part of a Saxon cross. The one on the North corner (on the right as you look at the tower from the footpath) was discovered during the restoration of St Michael’s in 2020.

Start of Walk

Waypoint 2.
At the bottom of the hill, the path again passes through a small wooden gate into a field of crops. During the late spring and summer the path is easily visible through the crops, but is not well defined for a while after autumn ploughing or sowing. The photo below shows the direction the path takes after passing through the gate.

Waypoint 2

Waypoint 3:
After the brow of the hill in the field, the path heads slightly to the left and downhill. The modest valley down to the left hand side of the path at this point has been suggested as one of the possible sites of Boudicas last stand against the Roman occupation. The Iceni and other tribes were heavily defeated at this battle, even though they had considerably superior numbers. The battle finally put an end to resistance against Roman occupation in the south of the country. More information about it can be found here.
The path finally heads towards the nearest corner of the field beyond.

Waypoint 3 Waypoint 3a

Waypoint 4&5.
On reaching the tree-line, proceed across the small bridge and straight on up the field with the hedge on your left. At the top of the field, turn right and follow the track

Waypoint 4

Waypoint 6.
Follow the track until you reach a metal gate with a small wooden gate to its left. Pass through the gate, over the rail and then the canal bridge. Continue along the gravel path until it joins the road just before the A5.

Waypoint 6

Waypoint 7:
Cross the A5 beside Clarke’s garage and follow the edge of the field keeping the drainage ditch on your left.

Waypoint 7

Waypoint 8:
Near to the end of the field take the small bridge over the ditch and then turn right to follow the edge of the field a short distance and then cross over the stream via a concrete and metal bridge.


Waypoint 9.
Follow the path diagonally across the field – it is well marked. You will then pass through a kissing gate to enter the churchyard of All Saints Flore, which is well worth visiting.


Waypoint 10
Exit the churchyard and turn right at the road. Follow the road for some distance, going over the bridge beside Flore mill, and then crossing a small bridge over a stream.

Waypoint 10

Waypoint 11:
You will see a footpath finger post on your left point up through the hedge. Take the path here, it is a little steep, with a stile at the top to enter a field.
The path is well marked through a series of fields and pasture, it is easy walking with one more stile to negotiate.

Waypoint 10

Waypoint 12.
You will eventually emerge at a gravel road, turn right at the road and then after about 10 meters turn left to follow the path again through a field and behind a series of gardens.

Waypoint 12

Waypoint 13.
At the end of the path there will be a wall in front of you, turn right and follow the track until you join the road, where you will turn right.

Waypoint 13

Waypoint 14.
You will be on Church Lane. The third church on this walk – St Peter and St Paul, Nether Heyford will be in front of you, again worth visiting before you rejoin the road to walk by some attractive houses.

Waypoint 14

Waypoint 15.
At the green in Nether Heyford, you could stop at the village shop or the Foresters Arms pub before continuing to take Furnace Lane up the hill out of the village for about mile.

Waypoint 15

Waypoint 16.
Follow Furnace Lane over the canal bridge and then shortly after Tarry’s coal merchant you will see a footpath finger post to your right. Take the path.

Waypoint 16

Waypoint 17.
After crossing a wooden bridge turn left and follow the edge of the field, until you are by the railway line above you and you see a short low tunnel under the railway line.

Waypoint 17

Waypoint 18.
Go through the tunnel, you will probably have to crouch a little, but it is a short tunnel. When you emerge out the other end, turn right and take the path first through trees and then a pasture. You will be walking beside the old railway line that took the stones from the now disused quarry at Stowe down to the canal at Heyford.

Waypoint 18

Waypoint 19.
When you see this gap, turn right through it and pass through the kissing gate, and then turn left at the field. Keep to the edge of the field.

Waypoint 19

Waypoint 20.
You will arrive at this gravel path which takes you up to the A5.
Cross the A5 and then you will be walking back up to Church Stowe.

Waypoint 20

Waypoint 21.
Once you reach this sign follow the road back through Church Stowe to arrive back at St Michael’s.