Stowe Nine Churches Short Circular Walk

Length: 3Km (1.8 miles)

Total Ascent: 52m

Number of stiles: 0.

Time: 45 Mins

The Canal


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Waypoint 1.
The walk starts at St Michael's Church Stowe. Careful parking is possible on the road close to the church.
It's well worth taking a tour of the historic church of St Michael's and the wildlife churchyard before you commence your walk.
Start the walk with the church and the lake on your right and the high walk on your left. Walk up through the village.

Waypoint 1

Waypoint 2:
About a mile out of the village you will see a sign post on your left indicating a footpath crossing diagonally across the field. Take the footpath. The footpath provides lovely views across to Upper Stowe and beyond to Northampton in the distance.

Waypoint 2

Waypoint 3:
Once you reach the end of the footpath, where it joins the road, turn left to walk along the road towards Upper Stowe. The road is on top of a ridge, so it provides lovely views on either side across the countryside.

Waypoint 3

Waypoint 4
When you reach Upper Stowe (there is no village sign at that point) but you will have the Church of St James's on the right and the Old Dairy Farm craft centre on your left. Both are worth visiting. St James's has another lovely wildlife churchyard. At the Old Dairy Farm you could have a welcome cup of tea and cake, and visit the craft shops.

Waypoint 4

Waypoint 5.
If you visited St James's or the Old Dairy Farm retrace your steps 20 metres back along the road and you will see a gravelled footpath off to the right down between the trees. Take the path down towards the fields.

waypoint 5

Waypoint 6.
After a further 50 metres or so, the path passes through a small wooden gate into a field with sweeping views over to Church Stowe (straight ahead) and over to Northampton in the distance to the right.

Waypoint 6

Waypoint 7:
Carry on down to the bottom of the field where the path passes through a second small wooden gate and climbs the hill towards Church Stowe.

Waypoint 7

Waypoint 8.
At the top of the hill, go through a third small wooden gate and follow the path straight on past the bench and war memorial onto the road through Church Stowe.

Waypoint 8