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                 Minutes of the Meeting held on 28th September 2015   


Present: Sharon Henley (Chairman), Angela Brodie, Sue Stanley, David Lane, Graham Yandell, Jon Hillyard.

 Daventry District Councillor Johnnie Amos


The Chairman welcomed PCSO Mark Tooley who gave a brief report explaining that he would be responsible for the Weedon Beat which includes Stowe IX Churches. He highlighted a reported crime in Upper Stowe involving damage affecting two cars. He also warned of an increase in theft of red diesel from agricultural machinery.


818. Apologies for Absence:  Keith Mason (Illness).

819. Declarations of interest. There were no declarations of interest


820. Resolution to sign and approve Minutes of Regular Meeting dated 17th August 2015    

These were signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of the meeting.


821. Matters Arising – from previous minutes for updates only

      i) Item 806 i) – Blocked ditch, Upper Stowe.

 Ian Smith, KeirWSP has reported that he proposes to patch/re-profile the road to remove     the dip thereby removing the possibility of standing water on the carriageway. He felt it was  unlikely the work could be carried out during the current financial year. The Parish Council felt  this was unsatisfactory in view of the time the problem had existed. The Clerk was asked to write  to KierWSP to request that the remedial work should be completed without further delay.

 ii) Item 816 a) Blocked Gully, Highbank, Main Street, Church Stowe.

A reply has been received from the Highways Regulation Technician stating that she  proposes to write again to Mr Lloyd making a final request to remove the fence after which,  if necessary, they will enforce the issue. She will also suggest to Mr Lloyd that, if he wishes,  the Highways Maintenance Engineer - Ian Smith - is happy to meet him on site.

It was agreed that no further action could be taken by the Parish Council as this was now an  issue between the Highways Authority and Mr. Lloyd.

          iii) Road Flooding on A5.

Highways England’s contractor, A-one+, have now inspected this problem and have agreed  within the next few weeks to carry out a technical survey and some temporary works to alleviate  the flooding occurrence. The Clerk had responded to this asking that, in view if the seriousness of  this problem, the work should be carried out with extreme urgency. He also asked when a  permanent solution would be implemented.


822.  Planning Approvals – Review of Past Planning Applications

a) Wyndham House – Boathouse

The Chairman had met with Sir Peter Ellwood to discuss the concern that the boathouse was  visible from the Weedon/Church Stowe public footpath. As a result of the discussions Sir  Peter has agreed to a planting programme in late November of 35 mature trees about 2metres high  planted 3 metres apart in order to screen the eastern wall of the boathouse. In addition a mixture  of winter jasmine and ivy will be planted at the base of the wall.

The Parish Council felt that this was a very well considered and responsible response addressing the concerns that had been raised.


823.  Statement of Accounts/Accounts for Payment.

           i) The balance of account in the Nationwide Building Society was £2521.97

          ii) Clerk’s Salary July – September 2015 - £496.23

         iii) Clerk’s Expenses July – September 2015 - £34.59

         iv) HM Revenue & Customs PAYE July – September 2015 - £124.05

          v) Physio – Control UK Ltd. – Purchase 2x Defibrillators - £1560.00

 It was proposed by Graham Yandell, seconded by David Lane and approved unanimously  that the above accounts should be passed for payment.


824.  Community Defibrillator

a) Cabinet Installation

The Clerk reported that the two defibrillators and cabinets have been delivered. He will now  try to obtain competitive quotations for the electrical installation of the cabinets.

b) Training

The training session with Mandy Lowe from EMAS has been confirmed for 1st October 2015 at  7.30pm. So far seven people have expressed an interest in attending.


825. Radar Memorial – Brown Tourist Sign

Northamptonshire Highways have submitted a proposed design for the signs to be  positioned approximately 70 metres each side of the approach to the Radar Memorial and  also for a smaller sign on the footpath sign adjacent to the memorial. It was agreed to ask for  costs for all these signs.

Councillor Amos said that he was still pursuing the possibility of a brown sign on the A5. He  would be raising this with DDC


826. Transparency Code

 In order to meet the requirements of the Transparency Code it will be necessary for the Parish  Council to have a website. The Clerk has discussed this with NCALC who have recommended a  company called HugoFox. They provide free of charge websites for parish councils. It was  agreed that the Clerk should look into the implications of working with HugoFox on this issue  and report back to the next meeting.


827.  Northamptonshire Highways – Community Liaison Changes

 The Community Liaison Team will in future be split into North and South Teams. Daventry  District will be in the North Team. There will be no changes to our normal contacts.


828.  Review of the Planning System

This is a request for comments on changes being proposed by the House of Lords. No further  action

829.  Footpath Warden

The Warden has now walked all the footpaths. As a result of a meeting with Northamptonshire  Footpaths Officer notices have been put up informing the public on the correct usage of footpaths.

830.  Highway Warden Report

a) Six reports have been sent to Northamptonshire Highways regarding potholes in the parish

b) Steve Gilkes has confirmed with Ian Boyes at KeirWSP that there is no schedule for road  sweeping. This will only take place when requested.  


 831.  Date and Venue of Next Meeting Next Meeting: 9th November 2015. Future dates: 14th December  2015.All meetings will be held in The Old School Rooms Church Stowe at 8.00pm unless  otherwise advised