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        Minutes of the Interim Meeting held on 16th February 2016    



Present:  Sharon Henley (Chairman), David Lane, Angela Brodie, Graham Yandell, Keith Mason, Jonathan Hillyard

Plus 14 Parishioners.


895. Apologies for Absence: Sue Stanley  (Personal)


896. Declarations of interest.  Angela Brodie (Item 897 i)


897. Planning Application Received


i)  Planning Application No. DA/2015/1164

  Land adjoining Sheepfold Grange, Main Street, Upper Stowe

  Prior to discussion of this item Councillor Brodie, having declared an interest, left       

                          the meeting.

  After a long discussion and listening to the views of a number of parishioners        

   who attended the meeting the Parish Council decided unanimously to strongly  

   object to the application for the reasons listed as Appendix A to these minutes.


  At the conclusion of discussion and voting on the above item Councillor Brodie

   rejoined the meeting.


                    ii) Planning Application No. DA/2016/0067

  Jarhne Lodge, 31, Main Street, Church Stowe

   The Parish Council have no objection to the above application.


898. Review of Past Planning Application

                     i) Application No. DA/2015/0195

 Land at Stowe Hill, Watling Street 1 Gypsy Site Standing.

 To consider response to Planning Decision to approve the application.


There was much discussion and expressions of annoyance at the way the Planning Committee had reached their decision resulting in two votes being decided on the casting vote of the Committee Chairman.

It was unanimously decided that the Parish Council should send a formal complaint to the DDC Monitoring Officer. Graham Yandell and David Lane kindly agreed to draft the letter on behalf of the Parish Council. In addition it was suggested that individuals present at the Planning Committee Meeting might also like to send letters of complaint.




                             Appendix A

Planning Application No. DA/2015/1164 Land adjoining Sheepfold Grange Main Street, Upper Stowe


Stowe IX Churches Parish Council strongly object to the above application for the following reasons;


1. Proposed development is outside village confines and historical boundaries.      Granting permission for this application will approximately double the         developed area of the small village of Upper Stowe.


2. Paragraph 55 details special circumstances whereby local planning authorities      might permit new isolated homes in the countryside. We contend the            application fails the following special circumstances;


 a) The proposed development is not sensitive to the defining           characteristics of the beautiful surrounding countryside

 b) The development does not significantly enhance its immediate setting.       We consider it to be more a “blot on the landscape”.

 3. Item 6 on the Application Form clearly states there are no proposals to change      public rights of way within or adjacent to the site. As the drawing of the         boundary lines show, Public Footpath FE6 is clearly partly on or adjacent to      the site. How is it proposed to manage access to this well used footpath?


4. This is the third application under Paragraph 55 in our small village of Stowe      IX Churches within the past few months. We are most concerned this            will lead to a proliferation of more such applications in order to gain planning      permission for dwellings in the open countryside and outside the village        confines.


5. The Planning Report forming part of the application makes reference to         submission of the application to OPUN for independent assessment of the           suitability of the application to meet the requirements of Paragraph 55.

    The report from OPUN is not included in the supporting documents available      to the Parish Council. We trust that it will be available to Daventry District      Council’s Planning Dept. in order that they may satisfy themselves that it        provides valid independent evidence to support the application.


In addition to the above reasons for our strong objection we would like to make the following comments should planning permission be granted.


1. The guest annex should be ancillary to the main property and not be used as a       separate residence.

2. Construction traffic should access the site to and from the A5 via Northfield      Lane and not use Leys Hill. This latter road is already heavily used by visitors      to the Old Dairy Farm Retail outlet as well as village residents and local farm      deliveries.

3. The property should not be subdivided into smaller residential units at a later      date.