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                 Minutes of the Meeting held on 18th May 2015   



Present: Sharon Henley (Chairman) David Lane, Angela Brodie, Keith Mason,

 Sue Stanley, Jon Hillyard



772. Apologies for Absence:  Graham Yandell (Personal)


773. To receive the Councillors Acceptance of Office.

Councillors Henley; Lane; Stanley; Brodie and Mason, having been re-elected, read aloud and signed their Acceptance of Office. Councillor Hillyard being a newly elected Councillor read aloud and signed his acceptance of office and also submitted both his acceptance of the Code of Conduct and his Statement of Declarable Interests.

Councillor Yandell who was absent will sign his Acceptance of Office at the next meeting.

774. Declarations of interest. There were no declarations of interest


775. Resolution to sign and approve Minutes of Regular Meeting dated 30th March 2015 and

       Interim Meeting dated 5th May 2015  

These were signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of the meetings.


776. Matters Arising – from previous minutes for updates only

      i) Item 755 i) – Blocked ditch, Upper Stowe.

The blocked gully is still outstanding. In the opinion of the farmer the problem is with a drain under the road. Agreed the Clerk should contact KeirWSP to ask them to resolve the issue as a matter of urgency.


777. Planning Approvals – Review of past planning applications                      

Nothing to report


778. Statement of Accounts/Accounts for Payment.

           i) The balance of account in the Nationwide Building Society was £3424.26

          ii) AON Insurance – Annual Premium - £308.38

         iii) NCALC Membership Y/E 31st March 2016 - £211.13

         iv) NCALC Internal Audit Fee Y?E 31st March 2016 - £85.00

Proposed by David Lane, seconded by Keith Mason and approved unanimously that the above accounts should be approved for payment


779. Appointment of one new cheque signatory

It was proposed by David Lane and seconded by Sharon Henley that Keith Mason should be a cheque signatory to replace Jo Dickson who had retired from the Parish Council at the recent election








780.  Annual Return – Y/E 31st March 2015

The Annual Accounts and Annual Return were presented in detail to the Parish Council and the following was resolved:

i)Approval of the Statement of Accounts for year ended  31st March 2015. Approval   proposed Jon Hillyard, seconded by David Lane and approved unanimously

ii) Approval of the Annual Governance Statement for the year ended 31st March 2014. Approval proposed by Sue Stanley, seconded by Angela Brodie and approved unanimously.


781. Community Defibrillator

The contracts for the purchase of the two telephone boxes have been signed and the boxes have been de-commissioned. The Parish Council now own the two boxes.

It was reported that the Community fund raising for the defibrillators has reached £380.


782.  Northamptonshire Police

i) Parish Special Constables.

A pack of literature specifically printed for Stowe IX Churches has been received from the Police and Crime Commissioner. The Parish Council were appalled at the cost of this pack when at the same time there was insufficient funding available to maintain levels of policing throughout the county. It was agreed to write to Adam Simmons expressing our concern.


783. Radar Memorial

The Clerk has contacted KeirGWSP regarding the possibility of a Brown Tourist Sign. He was informed by Keir that it was unlikely that Highways England would apptove a sign on the A5. There might be a possibility of a finger sign adjacent to the memorial. It was felt that there should be two signs placed a short distance away from the memorial in order  to advise motorists but also avoiding the danger of distraction on the bend near the memorial.


784. Highway Warden Report

The Warden reported that a number of potholes had been marked for repair but the timescale was unknown.


785. Date and Venue of Next Meeting   

Next Meeting: 6th July 2015

Future dates: 17th August 2015, 28th September 2015, 9th November 2015.

All meetings will be held in The Old School Rooms Church Stowe at 8.00pm unless otherwise advised