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                 Minutes of the Meeting held on 14th December 2015   


Present: Sharon Henley (Chairman), David Lane, Angela Brodie, Sue Stanley, Jon Hillyard. Keith Mason

 Daventry District Councillor Johnnie Amos, Daventry District Councillor David Smith


854. Apologies for Absence: Graham Yandell (Holiday)

855. Declarations of interest. Item 858 – Sharon Henley, David Lane & Sue Stanley all declared a      disclosable interest in this item


856. Resolution to sign and approve Minutes of Regular Meeting dated 9th November 2015 and interim meeting dated 23rd November 2015.     

These were signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record of the meeting.


857. Matters Arising – from previous minutes for updates only

      i) Item 838 i) – Blocked ditch, Upper Stowe.

 KeirWSP have finally carried out the remedial work to hopefully overcome this problem.

            ii) Item 838 ii) Road Flooding on A5.

Highways England’s contractor, A-one+ are carrying out regular checks on the situation  especially at times of heavy rainfall. They have also provided an out of hours telephone number –  0844 3728382 – which will connect to a local team who can then urgently deal with any flooding.

As a result of a further accident pressure is being put on Highways England to fund a permanent  solution in the first quarter of the new financial year.

iii) Item 848 Tree Maintenance – Main Street, Church Stowe.

 Sharon Henley, David Lane and the Clerk attended a meeting with the DDC Tree Expert to review  the condition of the trees at the entrance to the village in Main Street. As a result of this a number  of trees were identified as being either dead or in a poor condition. These trees were all marked for  removal as soon as possible. It was agreed that the Clerk should write to the landowner, Mr Lucas,  to ask for this work to be carried out urgently.

Four of the remaining trees identified as being covered by Protection Orders were all in good  condition. The schedule of Tree Protection Orders will be updated by DDC to reflect the current  situation.


858. Planning Application Received

1) DA/2015/1006 Land to Rear of Bank House, Main Street, Church Stowe

 Prior to consideration of this item Sharon Henley, David Lane and Sue Stanley left the room  having  already declared a disclosable interest.

 Angela Brodie took the chair for this item.

After some discussion the Parish Council unanimously agreed that they have no objection to the  principle of an Earth House but wished to make a number of comments on this proposed  development. (The full reply including the list of comments is attached as Appendix C to these  minutes)


Following the conclusion of item 858, Sharon Henley, David Lane and Sue Stanley rejoined the  meeting and Sharon Henley resumed as Chairman.


859.  Planning Approvals – Review of Past Planning Applications

There were no items to consider


860.  Statement of Accounts/Accounts for Payment.

           i) The balance of account in the Nationwide Building Society was £3522.10

          ii) Clerk’s Salary October – December 2015 - £496.23

         iii) Clerk’s Expenses October – December 2015 - £44.21

         iv) HM Revenue & Customs PAYE October – December 2015 - £124.05

Proposed by David Lane, seconded by Jon Hillyard and agreed unanimously that the above  accounts should be passed for payment.


861. Budget 2016/17

i) The proposed Budget for 2016/17 had been circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting. The  Clerk explained that the money raised by the community for the purchase of defibrillators had  exceeded budget by £1353. In addition the actual election cost was £83 instead of a budgeted cost  of £750 due to the election not being contested. However as an election can be called at any time  a  Parish Council vacancy occurs it was agreed to increase reserves by the amount saved on this  years election. The net result of these savings means that the reserve will be increased to £1400  while the precept can be reduced back to £2710.This is a similar level to the years prior to the  purchase of the defibrillators. It was resolved to approve the 2016/17 Budget (Appendix A) as  presented to the meeting. Proposed by David Lane, seconded by Sharon Henley and approved  unanimously.

ii) The proposed Reserve Policy for 2016/17 had been circulated to Councillors prior to the  meeting. The proposed reserve of £1400 included a reserve for a possible election as detailed  above and also a sum of £337 ring fenced for the Radar Memorial maintenance. The analysis of  quarterly cash flow showed no areas of concern. It was therefore resolved to approve the 2016/17  Reserve Policy (Appendix B) as presented to the meeting. Proposed by Jon Hillyard, seconded by  Keith Mason and approved unanimously.


862. Parish Precept 2016/17

It was resolved that Stowe IX Churches Parish Council precept Daventry District Council for  £2710 for the year 2016/17. Proposed by Keith Mason, seconded by Sue Stanley and approved  .unanimously


863.  Community Defibrillator

a) Cabinet Installation

Steve Gilkes reported that the installation of the defibrillators is finished and that the registration   with EMAS has been completed so that the two defibrillators will be in operation from 16th  December 2015.

 Steve also agreed to obtain signs for the telephone boxes. There will be a need to paint the  boxes so the Clerk will look to source the appropriate paint.

 The installation certificates have been received from the electrician

b) Training. Steve Gilkes reported that the training day on 12th December had been very  successful. We now have a total of 16 parishioners trained in the use of the defibrillators. All have  the access code and all will receive training certificates. It was agreed that a list of these trained  parishioners and their mobile phone numbers should be compiled for distribution through the  village.

864. Radar Memorial – Brown Tourist Sign

Councillor Amos reported that there was good support from District and County Councillors for  the sign He will continue to progress this.


865. Transparency Code

 The Clerk is still progressing the development of a web site.


866.  Northants County Council – Open Market Review Consultation – Broadband infrastructure

This was a review aimed at service providers. No action needed


867. Northants County Council - Draft Budget Consultation

 Individuals should make comments direct to the County Council. No further action.


868. Daventry District Council – Draft Housing Supplementary Planning Document Consultation

No response necessary from Parish Council

869.  Footpath Warden and Highway Warden Reports

 Steve Gilkes had very little to report. He had organised a replacement salt bin to replace one that  had been damaged

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 Date and Venue of Next Meeting Next Meeting: 1st February 2016.

 Following meeting 14th March 2016

All meetings will be held in  The Old School Rooms Church Stowe at 8.00pm unless otherwise  advised