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 Parish Council

Chairman          Sharon Henley

Vice Chairman  David Lane

Councillors        Angela Brodie,       Jonathan Hillyard,      Graham Yandell,       Keith Mason,      Sue Stanley

Clerk                 Mike Essery   Phone: 01327 340682       e-mail:  mike.essery@btinternet.com



Information available from the Parish Council under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 includes:


Meeting dates and agendas are available on the village notice boards.


Minutes of recent meetings are available by clicking on the links below.


Parish Councils form the lowest tier of local government. Stowe-IX-Churches Parish Council has seven parish councillors who are taken to be elected representatives of the parish’s residents, and are subject to election by parishioners every 4 years. The parish clerk is employed by the council and is responsible for implementing the Council’s decisions and policies. To fund its costs the Parish Council sets a precept which is included in the Council Tax.


As a very small parish we do not have the facilities normally managed by parish councils such as street lighting, cemeteries, playing fields and village halls but nevertheless we have a duty to work for the benefit of the whole community. We liaise with the district and county council to ensure resources are deployed to rectify problems of communal concern – e.g. degraded roads and footpaths, fly-tipping and other environmental issues. We are also responsible for the upkeep of the war and radar memorials.


We are consulted on all planning matters, both planning applications and planning policy. Our aim is to uphold policies which are designed to maintain the small village character of the parish which we believe most residents value.


Almost all Parish Council meetings are open to the public, and their dates are advertised in the village newsletter and on notice boards. We encourage parish residents to attend. If you tell us your views we will be better able to promote your interests.



Minutes of meeting on 18th May 2015


Minutes of meeting on 6th July 2015


Minutes of meeting on 17th August 2015


Minutes of meeting on 28th September 2015


Minutes of meeting on 9th November 2015


Minutes of meeting on 14th December 2015


Minutes of meeting on 1st February 2016


Minutes of interim meeting on 16th February 2016 and Response to Sheepfold Grange planning application


Information from the Police about doorstep crime.     

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