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This schedule gives details of the classes for the Flower Show in June.  It is provisional but gives a good idea of what you can enter for the show.  There may be a few changes to the schedule,  but a printed version will be distributed before the show.

Section A


Class 1  -  5 Hybrid Tea Roses (any colours)

Class 2  -  1 Specimen Rose

Class 3  -  Vase of 3 sprays of Floribunda Roses

Class 4  -  Vase of 3 sprays of Old Fashioned Roses

Class 5  -  Vase showing 3 stages of rose development  for one type of rose (when bud is showing, perfect bloom, full bloom)


Section B


Class 6  -  9 Sweet Peas (mixed colours)

Class 7  -  9 Sweet Peas (same colour)


Section C


Class 8  -  3 spikes of Delphiniums


Section D


Class 9  -  Vase of Flowers - 3 different species                   

Class 10 - Vase of 3 foxgloves (from your garden)

Class 11  -  Vase of 7 pansies (mixed colours)

Section E


All fruits to be displayed on a white paper plate.


Class 12  -   6 Strawberries

Class 13  -   6 Raspberries or Loganberries

Class 14  -   6 Gooseberries

Class 15  -   Currants in bunches not to exceed 4oz total


Section F


Class 16   -   5 pods of broad beans

Class 17   -   5 pods of peas

Class 18   -   A 2 litre pot of mixed lettuce

Class 19   -   5 early potatoes






A Rose Bowl will be awarded for the best Rose exhibit in the Show.  

A salver will be awarded for the highest number of points obtained.



N.B. The points gained in the show will NOT be carried forward to the September show.



Stowe IX Churches Gardeners’ Club - June Show Schedule